Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scratch That Itch!

I have read many posts recently from motorcyclists who, due to injury, vacation, work, or other interruption, have to take time off of riding. They frequently lament the fact that riding is a crucial part of their lives -- one that is sorely missed when absent. I wholeheartedly agree! I find that if more than three days go by without riding, I start really missing it. I am a motorcycle addict.

But scratching the riding itch is not the intended subject of today's post. I refer instead to the most horrific condition known to the motorcyclist: the itchy nose. A herd of deer bounding into the road? Bah. Potholes the size of lunar craters? Who cares. The psych ward at Bellevue driving hummers and talking on three cellphones at once? A mere triviality. Going 65 MPH on the freeway and having an itch flare up on ones proboscis? Epic, monumental, tragedy.

I have tried all manner of solutions. The "jam fingers up the chin gap and waggle them around" technique is spotty at best, and impossible if you have a well-sealing helmet. The "throw open the visor, violently poke the itchy spot, and close the visor before angry bees or chunks of road hit you in the eye" approach often leads to temporary loss of eyesight -- and worse, the itch remains. "Letting go of the itch in a zen-like meditative state wherein you accept that suffering is a natural part of life" only seems to anger the itchy gods. And the whole idea of just "pulling over and properly dealing with the situation" is, of course, absurd.

So my helmet's off to those who wear the hard plastic yarmulke! They may be missing the front of their face when they have an unplanned dismount, but their nose will not itch.


  1. It seems that my nose _Only_ itches when I have my helmet on...

  2. I have actually pre-scratched my nose before putting on my helmet, but it does not seem to help at all. Might even make my nose more prone to itchiness due to the attention.

  3. What I hate most is that doggone fly or mosquito that ends up trapped in my ear. I've tried squirming or screaming in my full-face helmet but it won't help any.
    All I can do is pull over and remove my helmet, which of course frees the offending insect and puts paid to my intention to pulverize it.

  4. I have had errant hairs tickle my ear, making me think it was some sort of nasty critter. Almost as bad as having an actual bug there.