Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Farkle

There are a few inexpensive goodies that I purchased within weeks of getting my FJR. I had frame sliders installed before I rode off the first time. These ones from Puig stick out a bit farther than others I have seen:

A friend turned me on to Premiere Cycle Accessories and their great selection of FJR farkle. The first thing I ordered from them were a set of side bag retroreflective stickers. These stickers look black under normal light, but when lights shine on them (i.e. headlights), they glow like the sun. A rather nice visibility increase for a measly $20.

I had a clear tank protector installed at the dealer as well. I love the paint job on my FJR, so clear was just the ticket. Most of the time I don't even notice that it is there. But it saves my tank from the rigors of various zippers, belt buckles, and snaps that invariably make contact.

Premiere Cycle Accessories also sells a terrific set of Yamaha decals in reflective silver. I added a Yamaha logo to my fender that adds a bit of style and visibility. I also bought a 'carbon fibre'-look aluminum license plate frame; much nicer than the plastic dealer frame and only $10.

So that wraps up wave one of FJR Farkle. The second wave is already in the mail and will be blogged very soon.


  1. Sliders may spoil the fairing's clean lines but are worth their weight in gold. Don't ask me how I know. Well done on the Puigs! Never knew what they looked like...

  2. I completely agree, Dino Sauro. I didn't like how they spoiled the lines at first, but now don't even notice them. And the peace of mind they grant has been totally worth it. Cheap insurance.