Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unscheduled Maintenance

When I purchased my FJR, a check of the VIN showed that it did not require the ignition switch recall. Apparently the VIN range was extended because I got a call last week telling me to bring it in. I decided to also have the clutch plates soaked in engine oil as well in order to (hopefully) resolve my rough clutch at start issues. So I rode over to Pasadena Yamaha and placed my bike in the expert hands of Tom.

I had read about others having the recall done, and that it leaves them with two different keys or the option of paying a locksmith to rekey the cylinder. This was my expectation as I arrived to pick up the bike. But Tom did not think that the owner of Yamaha's flagship should have to deal with two keys; he took a metal saw to the security bolts of the original ignition unit, pulled the cylinder, and installed it into the new unit. Now that's service.

I asked about my clutch plates. When the plates were removed, he noted that one of them was darker than the others. He said that functionally it looked fine, but he didn't want to take any chances so he replaced the plate. My FJR's clutch is now smooth as butter.

The finishing touch was that Tom decided to swap out the default oil for 'the good stuff', and while he was there do the complete 600 mile service just to be sure. Total cost to me: $0.

I don't work for Pasadena Yamaha -- but I am damn glad that Tom does.


  1. I just love it when you get good customer service. I wish there were more Tom's out there.

  2. Amazing service! Wish this kind of attention to detail was found more often. That is the way to win a customer for life!

  3. Where did you go to check the VIN?

  4. Your dealer can look it up for you.

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