Monday, March 9, 2009

Underseat Accessories

I love gadgets. A lot. The FJR's standard side luggage is a terrific way to carry lots and lots of gadgets, clothing, helmets, etc. But there are times when I want to go streamlined. There are a few items that I consider essential, that I do not want to leave behind when I shed the side cases. Fortunately, there are several little pockets of space under the seats that can be used for this purpose.

It should be noted that two factors limit the amount of space available to me under the seats: 1) I have the automatic clutch version of the FJR, and some of the main seat's storage is taken up by this system; and 2) I have my seat in its lowest (of two) positions. Despite this I have been able to fit all of the things that I consider to be must have accessories. It did take a little creative Tetrising...

Manuals. I have a Ziplock freezer bag with my bike's manual and warranty, plus the manuals for my on-bike gadgets (like my Cardo Scala Rider O2 communications pod).

Tire Repair/Maintenance. Under the manuals are a CyclePump air compressor and a cordura zip case with the contents of a comprehensive tire repair kit (based on the 'sticky strings' variety). Do not plug the CyclePump into the 12V accessory socket in the front storage compartment! That circuit only has a 3A fuse and will blow instantly. Instead, I use the Battery Tender lead coming off the battery (with appropriate fuse, of course).

Tools. I replaced the placeholder tools provided by Yamaha's Department of Humorous Gags with a complete set from Cruz Tools, the Metric M3. This roll-up had to be flat-folded into thirds in order to fit under the passenger seat.

Miscellaneous. In the front storage compartment, I keep the bike registration and insurance papers in a Ziplock. I also have a set of Rok Straps in a small Ziplock. Finally, there are five sets of foam ear plugs in a small Ziplock and the pod to my Cardo Scala Rider O2.

Here are some additional pics of the details:


  1. do you think replacing the 3a fuse w/ a 10 is feasible to power the small sparrow air pump

  2. I am not knowledgeable enough myself to say what the potential issues would be in doing this, but I have read posts in the past discouraging similar changes. You are best served by asking Yamaha or your service mechanic.